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Rahim Shah Akhunkhail

Rahim Shah Akhunkhail - Chair

Mr. Rahim Shah Akhunkhail is a philanthropist, activist, entrepreneur, and community engager.

He received his initial education in Pakistan and higher education in the USA. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering and MBA in Finance/Marketing from Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville. Mr. Akhunkhail and his family reside in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

He worked for over 19 years in corporate America primarily in management consulting serving fortune 100 companies such as IBM, AT&T, Cisco, Citi Bank, HP, and Verizon. Won JD Power & Associates and top 100 CIO Master of customer satisfaction awards for 3 companies.

Mr. Shah had established customer management consulting practices for two companies prior to leaving corporate America and becoming an entrepreneur. He has traveled extensively to North America, Europe and Asia serving global and strategic clients.  He has served on boards of directors of non-for-profit organizations specializing in education, youth leadership and development.

Mr. Shah currently owns multiple companies in the hospitality industry in USA.

Mr. Akhunkhail is the founder of Voices of Muslims (, Muslims of USA (, Sir Foundation (, Dir Overseas Pakistani Association (, and Georgia Pakistan Business Council ( ).

Georgia Senate passed a resolution recognizing and commending Rahim Shah Akhunkhail’s life long work for serving humanity, specifically those who are voiceless in society.

His philanthropic work spans to within USA, Pakistan, Morocco, Somalia, and Guatemala.

He is known in the community as a giver, organizer, and contributor for humanitarian, educational, healthcare, religious, and social causes

Professor Altaf Hussain Akhunkhail.jpg

Prof. Altaf Hussain Akhunkhail:  Advisor

Academic by profession, Altaf Hussain is an assistant professor at University of Malakand, Lower Dir, KPK, Pakistan. Mr. Hussain is among very few in his extended family (Khanadan) receiving higher education without much direction. He is an enthusiast for teaching  and continue to explore, research and learn new techniques in human management sciences. Mr. Hussain’s research papers have been published in well-known national and international publications. Among many others, he is the founding member of DIR INTELECTUAL FORUM. Mr. Hussain received his undergraduate degree with distinction, Post graduate degree from University of Huddersfield, United Kingdom and PhD from  UTHM, Malaysia. He currently lives with his family in village Maandesh, Lower Dir, KPK, Pakistan.

Saeed Ahmad Sahil

Saeed Ahmad Sahil:  Secretary

Mr. Sahil is one the original volunteer and has earned “Gold Plus Volunteer” status with Sir Foundation. He is an activist, social worker, leading thinker and scholar in KPK, Pakistan.  In addition to being a gold plus volunteer for Sir Foundation, he is the general secretary of Dir Pakhtu Adabi Tolana (Pakhtu literature, Poetry and culture) and editor of 6 monthly research magazines published by this organization. He is an author of 4 published books on the Pakhtu as well. Mr. Sahil has earned multiple degrees. Master in Pakhtu Literature from Universtiy of Malakand, Master in Islamic Studies from Punjab University and is currently pursuing M. Phil in Pakthu literature from University of Peshawar. Mr. Sahil is a subject specialist in Pakhtu in the elementary and secondary education department of KPK, Pakistan. He resides with his family in village Shamardin, Lower Dir, KPK, Pakistan.

Sayed Ansar Ahmad

Sayed Ansar Ahmad - Vice Chair

Pathologist by profession, Sayed Ansar Ahmad is a “hands-on” natural leader. He never shy away from getting his hands dirty to set examples for others. He is a master of team work and creates dynamic teams where he goes. Mr. Ahmad was instrumental in developing and leading many sport teams at his village and at the university. He has been the captain of Fakhr-e-Afghan cricket club, PIMS cricket club and currently Shamardin Cricket Club. Mr. Ahmad holds many awards, certificates and recognition in various sports activities. Mr. Ahmad volunteer his time at PIMS Islamabad while working on his BSc honor degree in Pathology from Sheikh Zayed Hospital.  Mr. Ansar works at Timergara, Lower Dir and live in village Shamardin, Lower Dir, KPK, Pakistan.

Rehan Khan

Mr. Rehan  Ullah Khan:  Treasurer

Mr. Rehan Khan is one of the original volunteer of Sir Foundation since 2013 and has earned “ Gold Plus Volunteer” Status. He is an Educationalist, Activist, Artist, and a very active social worker. Mr. Khan has earned multiple Master Degrees – Master in Political Science, Master in Education and Master in Islamic Studies.  

Mr.  Khan is currently a senior Primary Teacher in the elementary and secondary education department of KPK, Pakistan and is teaching in the village School – Kandaroo. He loves sports, plays cricket and takes pride in serving humanity. He along with his family live in Khall Kandaroo, KPK, Pakistan.

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