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In addition to sustenance help to poor, the foundation will offer services in the following four areas. 

Primary focus is Government run schools in Pakistan which cater to the financially disadvantaged population. Currently targeting THREE major areas namely, long- and short-term education planning, provide assistance in upgrading and/or adding infrastructure to existing schools, provide financial assistance to deserving students. Facilitate female vocational training programs so they can support their families. 


A large component of this service will be to offer financial scholarships to talented students on merit basis; however, the scholarships must not be given purely on academic performance. The basis for awarding scholarships will be based on academic performance, volunteer work (# of hours), recommendations letters from community members and teachers.

Conduct educational seminars and workshops promoting pro-active actions such as diet, exercise and environment. Provide treatment and sustenance help to qualified and confirmed poor who otherwise will not get treatment or help. The foundation, in working with Pakistan government, establish Basic Health Units (BHU) in remote areas where access to health care is not available


The  Foundation will also encourage and invite medical specialist from abroad on volunteer basis to serve the specialized needs of the deserving people.


While there is an overwhelming amount of scientific evidence on the positive effects of sport and physical activity as part of a healthy lifestyle, in the whole of district Dir, there are no sport facilities for youth. Children play wherever they can find a space – streets, trash collection sites, mountain, land destroyed by floods etc. Sport teaches team-work, boosts self-esteem and confidence; cut downs pressure and stress, develop discipline and time management skills - all necessary to achieve better academic results and healthy lifestyle. The foundation will promote physical and mental potential of youth by providing sports facilities development, spots competition and training camps. 


The Foundation will help youth with time management skills so  participation in Sports does not affect their academic or any other obligations to family and community. 


The act of volunteer work has a meaningful, positive impact on communities and individuals around the world. Volunteerism is very common- especially among youth - in the developed countries but lags significantly in the developing countries. Our goal is to promote a culture of volunteerism where one - especially youth - can develop new skill, share his/her knowledge and minimize community’s financial reliance on government, organizations and individuals. We believe volunteerism creates a sense of achievement and motivation which is ultimately generated from one’s desire and enthusiasm to help. Also employers prefer to recruit a candidate with volunteering experience over one without. Currently there are three level of volunteers: Gold Level, Platinum Level and Silver Level.

We consider volunteer work as important as academic performance in evaluating candidates for financial scholarships.

To please the CREATOR, We serve his CREATIONS
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